$2 million McLaren F1 spontaneously ignites

After his McLaren F1 supercar, worth US$2million, spontaneously burst into flames on the highway while he was driving on it, a 53-year-old man from Minnesota managed to escape injury.

A man from Minnesota, USA had to witness his McLaren F1 supercar burn down. Irv Kessler, 53 years old, was driving on Airport Boulevard in Santa Rosa when he noticed smoke coming from his car’s back. Kessler was then alerted. The engine caught on fire shortly thereafter. The flames quickly spread to the cabin, so firefighters responded quickly.

$2 million McLaren F1 spontaneously ignites

Kessler refused to talk about the incident. John Lantz, Rincon Valley assistant chief fire chief, was quoted saying that the owner claimed the car had not been driven for six months. The car had started to show signs of trouble and was taken out on Sunday and Monday. Kessler informed firefighters that the property is valued at approximately US$2,000,000, but is insured for US$3,000,000.

McLaren only produced 64 road-going F1s from 1992 to 1998, with this particular unit being a 1995 model. 42 of the remaining units were prototypes. A BMW V12 petrol engine with 635hp (467kW) was the power source. It also produced 651Nm torque. The centrally located driver’s seat is another distinctive feature.

Wyclef Jean and Jay Leno are some of the famous McLaren F1 owners.