Gala RV Montecarlo FB21 Is Fabulous Fiberglass Camper For Two

This posh RV was made without harming any trees.

Wood is the most common material used in building homes, with a few exceptions. It shouldn’t surprise that the interiors of motorhomes have a wooden frame because RVs are meant to be a home from home. There are exceptions to the rule in RV-land, but we wouldn’t refer to this Ram-based model eccentric. Gala RV is a Canadian company that built it. You won’t find any wood in the interior, except for a few toothpicks.

The official name of this RV is the Montecarlo F21. As you probably guessed, FB stands to fiberglass. Gala RV claims that the FB21 is the very first RV of its kind to be entirely made from fiberglass and composites, rather than a wooden frame. The FB21 is less boxy than other RVs because the trim panels aren’t required to conform to hard edges of wood. It’s not that there aren’t some wood touches. Some panels and doors have a wood veneer. However, it is all mounted to molded fiberglass parts.

Gala RV Montecarlo FB21 Is Fabulous Fiberglass Camper For Two

Montecarlo’s unique design also allows it to save weight. Gala RV claims that the FB21’s weight has been reduced by 100 kg (220 pounds), and that these savings can be used to increase cargo capacity. The Ram 3500 PROMaster is a luxurious camper that offers plenty of space and storage for all RV necessities. Gala RV has fitted two large, 45-gallon tanks to hold both gray and fresh water. Propane needs are handled through hardware-store-variety removable tanks, and yes, there’s a hot water heater for warm showers at night.

The Montecarlo FB21 has a mini-kitchen with a large back lounge area that can be converted to a king-size mattress. To create additional conversation space, the front seats can swivel and have a small table to serve food or drinks. A small fridge keeps drinks cool and cooks meals on a two-burner stove. It features built-in heating and air conditioning for all-weather camping. There are also 6-volt batteries that can be charged by solar power. The only thing that is missing is a dedicated generator. However, the FB21 has a shore power plug to hook up to electricity at campsites.

Gala RV does not list the pricing for the Montecarlo FB21. However, the Ultramobility video review (above), shows that the base price is just below $100,000. Gala RV does not sell vehicles in the U.S., but the review states that the company can install FB21 on a Ram 3500 ProMaster chassis purchased from a customer for $70,000.