Best Air Intake System 2018 -My Car Needs This

Introduction to the best cold air intake system (by brands and prices)

If you are looking for a cold air intake system, you are possibly looking for the best quality one that will give you more gains and bring out the noise your car engine produces. If so, you are in the right place-this post is for you.

Does cold air intake give you more horsepower?

What cold air intake gives the most horsepower?

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The best way to upgrade your car performance is by upgrading your air intake. By doing this, you will maximize your car engine potential. Before upgrading have a look at top eight air intake systems by brands of 2018 based on experts opinion and customers review. 

Takedo cold air intake system and kits

Takedo cold air system is a Japanese brand, which is suitable for Honda, Acura, Lexus, Nissan, Subaru, and the list is not limited. Takedo is basically designed for smoother air quality. They are designed in different sizes, shapes, and quality. Takedo cold air system is worth the investment as most customers have positive feedback about them and are inexpensive.

K&N cold air intake systems & kits

K&N air intake systems are popularly known for their simplicity. Most customers compliment K&N for their horsepower gains and engine noise. They are also price-friendly.

EM cold air intake systems and kits

AEM air intake systems have been in the market for a while now and still made to be some of the best systems. You just have to ensure that it is compatible with your car, though they are compatible with most vehicles. AEM is popular for great noise intake even from smaller engines. 

Injen cold air intake systems 7kits

Injen cold air intake systems are popularly used for Honda or Acura scene. Injen has been in the market for a while and though are not expensive but are not cheap either. They are compatible with most vehicles.

Volant cold air intake systems & kits

Volant cold air intake system is a brand you can trust with vehicles with a big engine. The system has noticeable horsepower gain with good engine note. Customers who have bought the system recommend it for high quality and functionality

AirRaid cold air intake systems & kits

AirRaid cold air systems are expensive but are worth the investment as they have high functionality. They are preferred for big engine cars such as Mustangs, Jeep’s and some V6’s, the list is not limited. However, before buying it, check their compatibility.

Spectre cold air intake system & kits

Unlike other cold air intake systems, Spectre are different in that apart from producing noise, they have high build quality. They are price friendly, and a lot of their intake is made from America vehicles.

S&B cold air intake systems & kits

S&B cold air intake systems resemble a K&N cold air intake system, although S&B have an enclosed box which allows for air to be fed directly into the filter. These systems are bigger compared to others and thus higher price.

How much horsepower does a cold air intake add?

Cold air intake systems are popular in the automotive market as a means to upgrade your car. The intakes pocket-friendly, easy to install and provide a decent horsepower boost. If you use cold air intake systems, you can expect an increase of between 5 and 15 horsepower, depending on the quality of the intake system, size of the engine and the model of your car. Other factors which can influence an increase of horsepower include the location of the upgraded air intake, size of the intake tube, and air filters.

  • Basically, cold air intakes move the system from its stock location so that it breathes in denser, colder air near the fender well, unlike light, hotter air over the engine, hence better combustion
  • The tube of the intake system should be wider so as to allow more air into the system, promoting unrestricted air flow
  • Go for larger air filters to support increased air flow

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K&N Fipk air intake horsepower

K & N air intake is designed for various vehicles and is the most popular in the market. The intakes use only non-metallic rotationally molded tubes that can reduce air temperature and decrease intake sound over a metal tube. The actual horsepower increase a consumer will receive if they install K&N intake varies depending on vehicle condition, fuel, weather, and other factors. Below are the major qualities of the intakes.

  1. K&N air intake are washable and reusable
  2. Long warranty
  3. The system can work with original equipment manufacturer computer systems
  4. Takes less time to install due to their simplicity
  5. Can provide more HP and increased acceleration
  6. Various designs for different car models
  7. Are durable

Does a cold air intake really make a difference?

Cold air intake upgrade does sound good and indeed it does increase car’s performance. With the air intake upgrade, you will notice an increase in power.Some experts claim a cold air intake can increase horsepower from 5 to 20 for the system.The intakes can also increase fuel efficiency. For better results, you can combine the intakes with other engine modifications such as new exhaust. However, you should consider a few things when installing a cold air intake.

  • If the air filter is too exposed, it might suck water which will go straight into the engine and you will be up a creek. To avoid this, you can add a bypass valve.
  • Installing an intake on some newer vehicles can void the engine manufacturer’s warranty. To avoid this, look into this situation before installing.

Other than that installing cold air intakes can really improve your engine’s performance and make you enjoy extra horsepower.

What does an air intake system do?

Is a cold air intake worth it on a car?

If you are wondering why you should install an air intake system, look no further this post will give you enough reasons why you need to.Cold air intakes are inexpensive, easy to install and improve your engine performance just like a new exhaust, and bolts-on which are expensive and require time to install compared to intakes.Cold air intakes move air filter outside of the engine compartment letting in cooler air in the engine combustion. The cooler air then brings more oxygen into the combustion chamber and hence more power.The filters come in handy as they are moved to the upper wheel area where there is more access to free-flowing cooler air and thus less hot air from the engine. Cold air intake system will not only reduce the air temperature but will also increase airflow.

What are the advantages of having a cold air system?

Installing a cold air system has many advantages, among them, includes:

  • Increased horsepower and torque-as cold air intake draw in a higher volume of air, your engine can breathe easier.
  • By improving air to fuel ratio cold air intake can improve throttle response and fuel intake.
  • Enhanced sound-if you love the aggressive sound from the car engine, cold air intakes will do it for you. More air in the engine produces sound many will love.
  • More effective filters-Most air intakes come with disposable paper filters to catch debris. These filters provide a more effective filtration method that not only keeps debris out but also lets more air inside.
  • Better overall performance- air intake can improve the overall car performance. Most of the intakes can promote efficiency, speed, power, and sound.

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How does air intake system work?

While oxygen in the air is one of the fundamental ingredients for engine combustion process cold air intake system allows air to reach the car engine. A quality and functional air intake system allow clean and continuous airflow into the engine hence more power and better mileage for the vehicle.Basically, a car intake system has three main parts-the air filter, mass flow sensor, and throttle body. The intake system is located directly behind the front grille and draws air through a long plastic tube going into the filter housing. After which the air is sent to the intake manifold that supplies the fuel to engine cylinders.

  1. Air filter – An air filter is basically the part that the engine breathes. The air filter is usually a plastic or metal box in which the air filter sits.The filter protects the engine from damage by filtering out dirt and other foreign particles in the air, thus preventing them from entering the system.
  2. Mass flow sensor – A mass flow sensor job is to find out the mass of air entering a fuel-injected internal combustion.Basically, there are two types of mass airflow sensors-vane meter and hot wire.–Vane has a flap which is pushed by the incoming air. A lot of incoming air exacts a greater force and the flap is pushed back even more.   –The hot wire functions using a series of wires strung in the air stream. Usually, the electrical resistance of the wire increases as the wire’s temperature increases thus limiting electrical current flowing through the circuit.
  3. Throttle body – This controls the amount of air flowing into the engine’s combustion chamber. The throttle consists of a bored housing which in it is a throttle plate which rotates on a shaft. If you depress the accelerator, the throttle plate opens and allows air into the engine.

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Can a cold air intake damage your car?

Is cold air intake good for my car?

If you are there wondering whether a cold air intake is good for your car, whether an intake will damage your car, this post is for you. First thing first, the cold air intake system and kits are a tempting automotive upgrading form as they are inexpensive, easy to install and can improve the overall performance of your car. However, cold air intake systems vary in design as well as their performance. Therefore before shopping for a cold air intake system, you need to consider the following:

  • Does the intake system use an oiled filter element?While oiled filter elements tend to offer decent filtration, sometimes they can be problematic when it comes to air metering devices. Contaminated airflow meters by particles from oil can cause failure. It is important to stick to dry filtering intakes for cars with mass airflow units to prevent any trouble when driving.
  • Does the intake incorporate a thermal barrier?If an intake system is not shielded from thermal contamination, power gains will be less. Look for an intake system that is designed from a material can resist heat transfer. Carbon fiber is one of the material can have a huge impact on temperature intake or a thermal barrier coating such as zirconium or ceramic.
  • Is the intake CARB approved?In some regions, any modifications to the intake or exhaust system of a car operated on public roads should be approved to not inhibit the emissions controls of the vehicles. It is therefore important to check this qualification to avoid being fined or having your vehicle impounded.
  • Is water ingestion a concern?Intakes that draw their air from the fender well or the bottom part of the bumper could be at risk of ingestion water should you drive the vehicle through the water. To prevent the ingestion buy an intake with a valve. If you do not find such an intake be careful not to damage the engine.

Cold air intakes are very great for a car but be careful while shopping as some of them could be designed with profit in mind rather than safety and reliable performance.

What are indicators of failing cold air intake system?

Basically, if the cold air intake is bad or about to fail it will produce some indicators that can alert you that everything is not okay.

  • Reduction in engine performance-if an engine air filter which is used by cold air intake is clogged it will cause a reduction in power, acceleration and fuel efficiency which in turn will cause problems with starting the vehicle.
  • Excessively high idle-this may be a sign of potential vacuum leak.
  • Illuminated check engine light-this is a popular indicator associated with a bad cold air intake.