Car Exhaust System Shopping Guide-Top Quality, Low Prices

Car exhaust system prices

To buy a new car exhaust system, there are various things you have to consider.Besides getting the best car exhaust system you have to ensure it does not strain your pocket and that the quality of the system matches the price.Due to the high demand for exhaust systems, there are many brands with various exhaust systems in different shapes, designs, and prices. Shopping for a car exhaust system today can, therefore, be hard.This guide will make shopping easier-you will understand the available top qualities of the car exhaust system and prices.

How much does it cost to install a new exhaust system?

My car needs/Car exhaust systems prices-parts costs

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There is various costs quotation for installing a new car exhaust system depending on various factors, but you should know that the price has two components-labor and parts.Below are estimates for both labor and cost which should help you get the average cost for installing car exhaust system.

Car exhaust system parts costs

Generally, there are four types of components.

  • Axle-back exhaust systems- The end price of these systems depends on the thickness, type, and quality of both steel and muffler materials. It will cost you from $300-$1200.
  • High-performance mufflers- The final price will be determined by the type of steel, quality of muffler and the thickness of the material used. The price range is $75-$300.
  • Cat-back exhaust system- Like axle- back exhaust systems the final price is dependent on the thickness of material, type, and quality of material used both inside and outside. The price ranges from $300-$1200.
  • Exhaust system tips- This will cost you anywhere from $25-$150 for each tip. A quality exhaust tip is included in almost all cat-back and axle-back systems.

Some cars come with the muffler installed at the back of the rear axle. In this situation, the exhaust manufacturers will sell to you the axle-back systems. The prices between a cat-back and axle-back system are almost the same because the only difference in the two systems is the length of tubing.

Which one is easier and cheaper to install, muffler or cat-back?

Axle-back system or cat-back is easier and cheaper to install. The best part is most of the axle-back system are do it yourself and so you can install them at home.Mounting a muffler, on the other hand, can be hard as more technical work such a cutting and welding is needed. Installing a full cat-back is also easy as you are turned to a specific car while mufflers may need re-routing of your stock exhaust tubing. This can make the installation expensive.

Exhaust tips

There are various exhaust system tips available in the market, with different designs- you just need to have the right amount. The common exhaust system is made of steel, titanium and chrome materials. Steel tips are resistant to corrosion but they may change color over time. Chrome is shiny compared to steel and titanium.Just like steel, Titanium is resistant to corrosion.

Stainless Steel vs aluminum or galvanized steel

If you are wondering which steel to go for between stainless and galvanized, then you should understand that the difference between the two is durability.Stainless is more durable and has high resistant to corrosion compared to galvanized. While some manufacturers say some stainless systems have higher sound quality than others there is no proof to support the claims.However, the aluminized system has better sound quality compared to stainless steel. In terms of sound quality, muffler plays the biggest role.If you are considering to buy stainless or aluminized systems, you should consider the possibility for corrosion, if your environment is cold the risk of corrosion is high thus would be best to buy stainless steel system. On the contrary, if you live in a relatively warm environment then buying a stainless system may not be functional but for physical look reasons.

Labor Costs for the car exhaust system

If you already have the necessary parts you require, labor costs will be very inexpensive. In fact, many performance shops will install a cat-back exhaust system free as an after customer service if you purchase it directly from them.The cost of installing a muffler can be anywhere around $100. If you require fabric then the cost will go up to $ 300 or more.However, you can opt to buy a cat-back or axle-back system if the fabric needed is a lot.

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How much does an exhaust repair cost?

How much should it cost to replace an exhaust system?

Car exhaust systems are prone to wear and tear, as the materials they are made of are subjected to chemical reactions- they only last for a given time before they need replacement. Thus exhaust systems repair cost quotations are common.First thing first before we go deep in this post you should know that there is no fixed cost for exhaust replacement cost.The manufacturers will have different costs depending on various factors.In this post, we examine various repairs and give you a cost range.

Exhaust leak repair

Exhaust leak repair can take two to three hours to repair, depending on how complex it is to get the exhaust manifold.The labor cost could be anywhere from $125-$300. The parts depending on the type of car and quality will cost you anywhere from $15 to $50. And also if it does it yourself of the dealership.

Exhaust leak repair cost contrast

The repair cost of leaking exhaust varies depending on the type of car and the manufacturer. Some manufacturers charge more than others depending on the rate of labor. Below is what you are expected to pay.

  • For a mechanic, you are likely to pay anywhere from $129 – $210 for parts and labor. Most mechanics have a warranty of twelve months
  • If you opt for Mr Tire the parts and labor cost will range from $146-$ 330 and a warranty of twelve months.
  • Midas repair cost range for both part and labor is $ 134-$224 and warranty of 12 months.
  • Pep boys charge $14-$45 for parts and have less warranty compared to a mechanic, Mr. Tire and Midas of six months.
  • Walmart has a limited warranty and the repair costs, parts only are anywhere from $ 19-$42.
  • Amazon has the least repair cost for parts only with a range of $12-$55.

How do I save money on an exhaust leak repair?

You can save money if you do the repair yourself. The process is easy, will take you fewer hours and is cheap. Just buy the parts and install by yourself, this will cost you less than $ 30. Alternatively, you can buy all the parts you need and take them to a mechanic to repair for you. However, most dealers and mechanics may not allow this.

Auto Mufflers repair

If you discover your car is having an exhaust system problem, the best thing is to take it to a good mechanic or a muffler repair shop with exhaust systems.The cost to repair a new muffler could go up to $ 100, but a serious exhaust system may cost about $ 1 500.It is important to inquire about the warranty before the repair is done.

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What are the indicators that my car exhaust needs repair?

The repair cost of an exhaust system will be high if repaired later when the problem has lasted. It is therefore important to repair the fault, immediately the first sign of trouble arise. Below are signs that can help with muffler repairs maintenance.

  • Reduced fuel efficiency – Increased fuel usage is a sign that there is something wrong with your car. In this case, you will be filling your gas tank more often than normal. If this happens please have your car checked. This could indicate your exhaust has leaked thus making your engine work more which needs more fuel.
  • Engine vibrations – If upon touching your steering wheel, foot pedal or car seat when operating your car there is a loss of power then it is time to have the exhaust system checked. There could be rumbling sound depending on how much the exhaust is damaged.
  • Rattling at stop lights or stop signs – If you see a dashboard warning light it is important to you visit a muffler shop and have your car checked. Also if your vehicle occasionally hesitates when you try to start it. This might signal a problem with your catalytic converter. It is important to understand that the catalytic converter is one of the expensive exhaust system parts and is also prone to scrap metal thieves.
  • Increased volume when the engine is running – If your car produces a sound similar to that of a motorcycle, then you can consider that as an indicator that it has an exhaust problem.The buzzing sound may be louder if the damage is great. If you delay the repair then the damage could be intensive resulting to higher cost.
  • Black, blue or white smoke coming from my exhaust – If the color coming from your exhaust is different than usual then the highest possibility is that there is a problem. The color of the smoke should give you a clue about what the issue could be. If the color coming from your exhaust is white this indicates your car is low on engine coolant. Black, on the other hand, indicates your car is burning more fuel than usual or the fuel line is clogged. Blue smoke shows oil has leaked to the engine. All these colors indicate there is a problem with the exhaust and you need to have it checked.

Exhaust pipe repair

The exhaust pipe is easily overlooked. It is the part where fumes produced by the engine from combustion process exit. The exhaust pipe is prone to rust with time both in the inside and on the outside. It is important to avoid inhaling the fumes as they are toxic.

How to repair an exhaust pipe

Step 1: Identify the faulty exhaust pipe section and put the vehicle on jack standsStep 2: Remove the exhaust pipe sectionStep 3: Install the new exhaust pipe section with new gasketsStep 4: Check the engine and then check for exhaust leaksStep 5: Remove the vehicle from jack stands and the road test is for proper operationWhen repairing the pipe exhaust system please use a high-quality stainless steel to ensure durability.

Common indicators you need to replace the exhaust pipe
  1. If your exhaust pipe is dragging under your vehicle
  2. Raw exhaust smell when the engine is running
  3. If your exhaust system produce excessive noise 

What should I be looking for…Now that you understand the various exhaust faults and the difficult work that could come with the repair, you know the exhaust replacement can be complex and time-consuming.

  • During repair ensure the exhaust system is fitted properly, on all the parts and also with the car. These will ensure the parts are secure and that they do not cause extra friction between individual parts.
  • It is also important to get the exhaust repair quotes from several sources to get the best quotation. The exhaust professionals do not always operate the same-they have different quotes, tips, and skills.
  • Go for the best quality of exhaust system parts for durability.
  • Also look at the warranty given after the repair service.

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How long does it take to repair an exhaust system?

How much time will it take to repair my exhaust system?

The time you can take to repair an exhaust system varies depending on the extent of the exhaust system damage. If you are repairing a muffler then this can take you about one hour, this will be the same for mid-pipe.However, seeing that the down pipe is the deepest part of the exhaust it will take more time. The repair can take you 2-3 hours with any extra work adding time.Most garages charge the exhaust system repair upwards of eight hours.Depending on the extent of damage the average repair time of exhaust system should be one to five hours.

How long should a new car exhaust last?

The exhaust system of your car is important as it helps to run your car smoothly. It is crucial as it helps to deal with leftovers of fuel which is converted to energy by the car. The car exhaust is basically made from chrome or stainless steel fabrics. Their lifespan is as long as that of the car. Non-stainless steel which is of high quality can last for about five years-but if exposed to high temperatures it can rust or wear out.